How long have you been using Cellise Ionised Honey Serum and how do you feel about the product?
I have only started using Cellise Ionised Honey Serum for less than a month and I must say that I just love it! My skin is smoother and clearer now as blemishes are reduced. It is also more evenly toned. I will continue to use it and will certainly recommend it to my friends!!

HemaAge 40+ HR Director

Why do you feel that Cellise Ionised Honey Serum has transformed your life?
I used to have a rather dry and sensitive skin and eye bags. Due to my sensitive skin, I am always very careful with the type of skincare products I use.  After using Cellise Ionised Honey Serum for more than a month, I am experiencing some amazing changes to my complexion.   As it is completely natural, my skin sensitivity is eased.  My skin becomes softer, laugh lines are minimised and my eye bags are reduced.  It has given me more confidence and pride as friends are noticing the change and they say I look much younger than my actual age!!!

Shirley Goh Age 50+

What do you have to say about Cellise Ionised Honey Serum?
In less than 2 months, the pigmentation on my face has lightened, my skin is more evenly toned and my friends can notice a healthy glow on my face!!  Just 3 words to describe Cellise Ionised Honey Serum – 一级棒!!!

Aries ChuaAge 40+

My face is more hydrated and evenly toned just after 1 month of use.   The serum is all natural, easy to use and suitable for both men and women of all ages!  Both my wife and I are fans of Cellise Ionised Honey Serum now.

Wayne Cheng Age 30+

Can you share with us what you think of Cellise Ionised Honey Serum?
It is an excellent product and has proven to be effective on me.  With just less than a month of use, my skin feels softer, smoother and tighter.  I have so much confidence in the product that I have decided to sign up as a distributor.  I am eager to share my experience using Cellise Ionised Honey Serum, so that many others can benefit from it.

Judy/Lin 40+ Homemaker
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