Cellise Ionised Honey Serum is a revolutionary patented formula from Australia, developed by applying the most advanced healthy aging science and cosmetology research. It is made from all-natural ingredients and combined with pure Manuka honey of the highest grade from New Zealand.

Product Description

Our fundamental baseline research on cellular activity and cancer cell growth is CELLULAR ENERGY. Maintaining cellular energy homeostasis is one of the most important processes of every individual cell. WHY? Because cellular energy is needed for maintenance of the ELECTRICAL ACTIVITY OF THE CELL MEMBRANES that controls most of the ionic channels for cell metabolism.

The main ingredient used in Cellise Ionised Honey Serum is the highest grade of MANUKA HONEY (MGO 400+).

Why honey? We have extensive research and treatment EXPERIENCE in using honey over a decade in the field of TISSUE ENGINEERING and BURNS TREATMENT with successful regeneration of tissue and skin with minimum scarring

Honey, is known in many cultures as the ELIXIR of youthfulness and longevity. In-depth research and analysis have discovered some of Manuka Honey’s constituents as follows:

  • ENZYMES : Phosphatase, Amylase, Glucose Oxidase, Invertase, Catalase
  • MINERALS : Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium)
  • ANTIOXIDANTS : ORAC, Polyphenols, Ascorbic Acid, Flavonoids

However, just by applying raw honey on skin doesn’t bring about Cellise Ionised Honey Serum’s Tri-action results as these enzymes in the Manuka honey need to be Ionised.

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Ions in Cellise Ionised Honey Serum are electrochemically charged mainly by a chemical process called Dissociation Ionisation Process. This process enables us to add additional Negative Ions to the enzymes in Manuka honey and these enzymes have the ability to carry these additional negative ions without changing or losing their chemical composition and properties.


Living cells contain large concentrations of negative ions. These negative ions must be present in certain proportions for the normal functioning of cells. As part of an accelerated aging process we start to lose these negative ions. By using Cellise Ionised Honey Serum, we are able to reverse or slow down the accelerated aging process by replenishing the lost ions of the cells with these additional negative ions present in Cellise Ionised Honey Serum.