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What is Cellise Ionised Honey Serum made of?

It is made of the highest grade Manuka honey (MGO 400+), that’s suitable for skin therapy.

What is the difference between Cellise Ionised Honey Serum and other honey?

The difference is that it went through Dissociation Ionisation Process. A process where ions are electrochemically charged. Through this process we are able to add negative ions to the enzymes in Manuka honey without changing or losing their chemical composition and properties

Why are negative ions needed for healthy skin cells?

Living cells contain large concentration of negative ions.  These negative ions must be present in certain proportions for the normal functioning of cells.  As part of an accelerated aging process, we start to lose these negative ions.  The Cellise Ionised Honey Serum is able to reverse or slow down the accelerated aging process by replenishing the lost ions of the cells with these additional negative ions present in the Serum.

The mitochondria is the power storage and energy production unit in a cell.  It generates energy for most activities within the cells.  It also contributes to other cellular functions including the cell cycle, cell growth, apoptosis (cell death), cell differentiation and thermogenesis (heat production).

Mitochondrial impairment occurs under many pathophysiological conditions like diabetes, neurodegeneration, oxidative stress and toxicity.  This ultimately affects the mitochondria of the skin cells, its cellular energy and membrane potential.  As a result, the skin cells will not be able to maintain its normal physiological function.

The Cellise Ionised Honey Serum has the potential to energize the mitochondria of the cell by a pathway known as Electric Cooperation between cells via membrane Nanotubes.  It activates these membrane nanotubes and potentiates the electrical signals from the moment it is applied directly on the outermost surface of the skin (the epidermis).  The signals trigger a sustaining rippling effect throughout all the cells, in all the layers of the skin.  This is an anti-aging effect.

Why is Cellise Ionised Honey Serum better than treatments with laser, Botox or even cosmetic surgeries?

It is topically applied and not intrusive and therefore there is no risk of infections.

Is it recommended to wash off the Serum after 10-15 minutes, or to leave it on?

Either way is fine.   As the skin would have absorbed the nutrients after 10-15 minutes of application, it’s fine to wash it off if you are bothered by the initial stickiness.  However, if you feel comfortable, we would recommend leaving it on through the night. 

Can I apply the Serum during the day since the packaging states that this is best applied before bed time?

Yes, the Serum can be used day and night. 

Do I apply the Serum before or after moisturizer?

A serum is always applied after you cleanse and tone your face, and before moisturizer.

Can I replace my daily moisturiser with Cellise Ionised Honey Serum and still keep my skin hydrated?

For younger individuals below 20 years old, Cellise Ionised Honey Serum is found to be sufficient as hydrating and moisturizing.  For individuals above 20 years, best to be complemented with a day cream or night cream.  Look out for our Cellise moisturizer.

How soon will I see the results from Cellise Ionised Honey Serum?

Depends on individual.  The immediate result is a tightening effect.  For some individuals within a month while others generally see an improvement in complexion, reduction in wrinkles and lightening of laugh lines, hydrated and younger skin over a period of 3 months and beyond.

What is the ideal storage temperature of Cellise Ionised Honey Serum?

The ideal storage temperature for our Cellise Ionised Honey Serum is 25 to 35 degree Celsius in Singapore and Malaysia (tropical temperature). The serum can be kept in the refrigerator but may crystallize due to the natural Manuka Honey property when exposed to below 15 degree Celsius. In such an event, the user may have to leave the serum to acclimate to the surrounding room temperature before using it for best results.

Honey generally does not really “expire” if it is stored properly.  Does the Cellise Ionised Honey Serum has an expiry date?

Honey doesn’t really ‘expire’ any time soon. As long as it is stored properly, and not exposed to too much heat. However, Cellise Ionised Honey Serum has other ingredients that are formulated with honey and these ingredients have an expiry date.  It is recommended to consume Cellise Ionised Honey Serum before its expiry date.

After a few weeks or months of opening the bottle of serum, I noticed the colour of the serum turning slightly darker.  Is this normal?  Will the efficacy of the serum be affected?

Yes, this is absolutely normal with all Manuka honey based products. The darkness of the honey is due to the ‘reduction process’ property of the methylglyoxal (MGO) of the honey. However, the efficacy of the Cellise Ionised honey Serum will not be affected.

Can it be applied on children?

Yes, it is safe for children to use, provided the child has no allergy to honey. However, the efficacy of the serum is intended for adults primarily to reduce wrinkles and laugh lines due to aging, increase the brightness of the skin and to enhance the softness of the skin texture.

Is it safe to be applied on spots with open wound or acne?

Generally, honey has a healing effect. However, based on our study feedback, some individuals may experience a mild burning and tingling sensation of around 10 to15 seconds on first application. The sensation is similar to that of ‘an after-shave lotion or toner effect’. However, for severe wound and acne, it is advisable that the individual consult a doctor or a dermatologist as there may be other underlying illness.


How can I check the status of my order?

For distributors, please log in to your account – under “My Order History”.
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How do I update/revise my order?

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Can I cancel my order once it’s been processed?

There will be no cancellation once an order has been processed.  However, please refer to our Return Policy for more information.

How do I use promo code?

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Where does Cellise ship to?

We currently only ship to Singapore and Malaysia.

Does shipping charges apply?

We ship free of charge to locations in Singapore.  A S$5.00 shipping charge will apply for shipping in Malaysia. 

You can alternatively collect from our office during office hours:

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Can you arrange for shipment to other countries?

This will be on a case-by-case basis.  Kindly email us at ask@celliseinternational.com to attend to your query.

When will my order ship?

Order will be shipped on every Wednesday of the week.

How can I edit my shipping address?

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Can I buy Cellise Ionised Honey Serum without being a distributor?

Yes, you can. Please add purchase to cart, proceed to check out and fill in the relevant fields.

I am keen to be a distributor of Cellise products, how do I go about it?

You can register as a distributor on our website or reach out to any of our distributor network, and you are ready to be one.  A series of training will be provided to equip you with the right tools, knowledge and information to be a distributor.  You are rest assured that Cellise Pte Ltd will support you to be a successful distributor.


Can I check out without a PayPal account?

Yes, you can.  We accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay, Discover.

Why does the system not allow me to check out as a guest?

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