Our Team

Our Team

Cellise Pte Ltd was set up in 2016 as the Company’s marketing arm to aggressively market its products in Asia so that more people can benefit from a scientifically proven and natural product that is affordable and really works.

Chief Scientist – Dr Kals Nathan MBBS [MAHE], FAGE [MAHE], Msc in Anti-aging Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Medical Aesthetics. PhD in Molecular Biotechnology (in progress)

Dr Kals graduated from medical school in 2000 with an ardent interest in molecular medicine and biotechnology. He later joined International Medical University as a lecturer and continued to pursue his research in molecular medicine.

His initial research was in the field of chronic wound care management. During this time, he was also introduced to Manuka honey which has powerful anti-bacterial properties. He conducted extensive research in the use of Manuka honey in chronic wound care management and created a proprietary formulation in 2006. Together with other international institutions such as Joslin Diabetes Center, he successfully saved more than 2,000 limbs with chronic wounds (such as ulcer wounds caused by diabetes) from amputations with his specially formulated Manuka honey blend, LUKKA Lotion.

As Dr Kals’ key interest lies in Cancer and Auto-Immune diseases, he moved on to begin his research in Regenerative Medicine which he believes cellular energy of normal cells may help to fend off cancer. During his research, he made tremendous discoveries in cellular behaviour at a molecular level. His aim is to re-engineer treatment protocols for chronic diseases in order to save lives. Anti-Aging Medicine and Medical Aesthetics eventually were evolved as a by-product of the research in 2014 as he and his team found out that an increase in cellular energy actually slows down aging.


Managing Director (Malaysia) – Jolene Lim

Jolene Lim has more than 20 years of experience in Marketing, Promotions and Business Development. She started her early career in one of the top newspaper publishing firms in Malaysia, handling all marketing and promotions activities including 4 top magazines that were published under the same group.  Subsequently, she took up a Regional Role in Marketing Planning, Sales and Business Development with Multinational Companies in the Asia Pacific Region. Having experienced enormous benefits from using Cellise Ionised Honey Serum, and sharing the same passion as the rest of the founders, she decided to jointly set up Cellise Pte Ltd to spread the benefits of Cellise Ionised Honey Serum.

Chief Information Officer – Andre Ng

Andre Ng joined Cellise Pte Ltd as Chief Information Officer in 2016.  Having also experienced positive transformation from using Cellise Ionised Honey Serum, Andre decided to join the team to help spread the powerful benefits of our product.  With his experience and knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering, he was instrumental in developing the Company’s online portal that supports our marketing distribution network.

Head of Sales, Distribution and Network (Malaysia) – Alina Abdullah

Alina joined Cellise Pte Ltd to champion and drive distribution and network sales of Cellise products in Malaysia.  Her strong network in the local beauty industry and ardent appreciation of natural beauty applications will help Cellise Pte Ltd reach out to various groups of consumers directly and cost effectively.
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