Our Company

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Vision is to transform the lives of individuals through natural wellness and confidence.

Our Mission is to empower people to attain and sustain beauty naturally. We believe that with our commitment and devotion to extensive research and development in cellular behaviour, we can be a leader in creating Natural Aesthetic products that utilise advanced optimal efficacy technology.

Our Core Values are Quality, Wellness, Innovation, Trust and Social Responsibility.

Company Background, Philosophy and Milestones

Being customers ourselves, we have experienced the same frustrations you might probably have, of buying products that simply do not work. This frustration is compounded by high price tags, fancy branding campaigns and the long wait for promised results that never materialised.

It all begun in 2012 when our chief scientist Dr Kals started to research on his wife’s illness – psoriasis. In the process, he realised that research can help people with alternative treatments that conventional medicines might not be able to. This subsequently led him to embark on researches in other areas namely, anti-aging science and cosmetology.

We strongly believe in research and development.  We have a team of scientists who are specialised in molecular and anti-aging medicine as well as cancer treatment, allowing us to manufacture products that deliver results. With our breakthrough discovery in regenerating cellular energy to slow down the anti-aging process we are able to create truly effective products – products that have a solid basis in science.  These products provide fast and long lasting effects, and consist only of pure, natural ingredients without any chemicals or synthetic preservatives.

Cellise Therapeutics was formed in 2013.  Its flagship product, Cellise Honey Serum was launched in March 2015 with over 30,000 bottles sold exclusively online!  The popularity and overwhelming response spurred us on to establish a strong marketing and distribution network so that we can promote and manage the rising demand for the product.

Everyone in our company is driven by a common passion – to provide our customers with only the highest quality natural products that really work. All the products we offer have undergone stringent tests to ensure that best benefits are delivered with high efficacy. Our company is formed because we understand that like us, you would like to have products that really work.

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